Let it Bee Yoga

Yoga is a centuries old practice. The word yoga means to unite. With time and practice, yoga can allow you to unite your physical body with your energetic and spiritual body. Are you ready to take the plunge and reap all the amazing benefits of yoga? Join my hive and start the amazing journey into yoga.


About Jerica

Welcome to my Hive!!

Any day can be day one...

Not too long ago, I was a wife and mother, and not much else. While devoting myself to my family completely, I had not only let myself go, I had lost myself. Health and weight issues aside, I was a shell of the person I once was. I decided to try something new and made myself a priority. I haven't looked back since. 

I had dabbled in yoga for over a decade. Like most of us, I had a mat in a closet that I would pull out from time to time to relieve some pain or discomfort in my body. When deciding to put myself back on the priority list, I turned to a practice that had always intrigued me, yoga. The idea of the yogi was something that I was always drawn to. So I started a daily practice. I made it a point to get on the mat every single day. Over time, the weight came off. Every day my mobility got a little better. Every practice I got stronger. Every breath brought me closer and closer to being my authentic self. 

Is this something that you would like to strive toward? While I cant guarantee any particular results, I can promise that if you are willing and dedicated to the work, you will feel the amazing benefits that yoga has to offer!